Conditioning Cubes 20kg

Brand Falcon Feeds


Conditioning Cubes give extra condition and top line.
Non-heating. Boosts appetite in fussy feeders.
Maintains condition in older horses.
Contains added Biotin and Magnesium.
Contains Yea-Sacc Yeast for hind gut health.
Falcon's Conditioning cubes are formulated to a high specification providing a highly digestible cube used for extra condition and top line.
Suitable for producing horses to a high level be it in the show ring or on the track.
Manufactured in a non heating form, with the added benefit of the inclusion of Yea-Sacc yeast for improved hind gut health and stability.
Falcon's Conditioning Cubes includes Soya which provides high quality protein for correct muscle tone and function.
The added oil will aid in developing a terrific coat and bloom.