Product Code CODE 2


Premium Bedding is produced using carefully selected, finely chopped oilseed rape straw for a luxurious, soft, absorbent, hygienic, fresh scented bedding for your horse. Premium Bedding is the ideal choice for sensitive horses or those with respiratory problems. With Premium Bedding you can create a dense and supportive bed that is both light and airy to work with.
  • Manageable - Light and easy to work with, creating a luxurious bed for your horse.
  • Soft - Finely chopped for comfort.
  • Odour control - Locks in ammonia for a fresher, healthier stable.
  • Versatile - Can also be used for deep litter or over rubber matting.
  • Healthy - Ideal for sensitive horses or those with respiratory issues.
  • Quality controlled - Only the finest oilseed rape straw is chosen for Easy Pack Premium Bedding.
  • Fresh - Sprayed with aromatic oils for a fresh, hygienic, unpalatable bedding.
  • Dust extracted - for a healthier stable environment.
  • Biodegradable - Breaks down very quickly reducing muck heap removal.