Equitona Conditioner Mix 20kg

Brand Falcon Feeds


Equitona Conditioner is designed as a complete high calorie mix for all horses and ponies that require extra condition without encouraging excitable behaviour.
Healthier lower starch and high fibre than traditional conditioning mixes.
Inclusion of a probiotic yeast digestive aid to maintain hind gut stability and improve digestibility.
Equitona Conditioner mix is a traditional conditioning feed formulated with the highest quality micronized ingredients for optimal digestibility.
The inclusion of a probiotic yeast helps maintain a healthy gut microflora which is essential for utilising the most from your horses feed.
Equitona Conditioner is a palatable ration that even the fussiest of feeders with the poorest of appetites will benefit from.
Backed up with elevated essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.