Oat & Barley Free Mix 20kg

Brand Falcon Feeds


Oat and Barley Free Mix is free from whole cereals with calming low sugar and starch levels.
Conditioning feed for good top line development.
Contains optimum levels of vitamins, minerals and pro biotic yeast.
High oil inclusion for shine, condition and performance.
Oat and Barley Free Mix is a complete high fibre, high oil diet free from whole cereals including oats and barley.
Oat and Barley Free supplies a medium to high energy and protein mix, professionally formulated with high levels of essential nutrients required by working and older horses who need extra condition without the use of oat and barley grains.
The slo
w release energy content helps keep your horse calm and level headed, an excellent mix for tense or highly strung horses.
Due to the high fibre low starch formulation this mix supports normal acid balance in muscle function.