Product Code CODE 1
Weight 12.5kg


A complementary food suitable for rabbits of all ages: it stimulates a rabbit’s appetite and foraging instincts, with a selection of tasty ingredients. The finest quality alfalfa is included for fibre and calcium, and other vegetables provide the necessary protein, vitamins and minerals a rabbit needs. Hay and water should always be freely available.
  • A nutritionally balanced diet
  • Promotes natural foraging behaviour
  • No added sugar
  • Specifically formulated for active adult rabbits (four months plus) of all breeds including dwarf
  • Supports digestive health & promotes dental wear
  • Rich in fibre – 14% with Lucerne known for its quality
  • Unique Alfalfa/Lucerne kibbles provide fibre with high palatability
  • Carefully blended natural ingredients for interest and enjoyment